"freedom defies logic" - Luke "Apac" Smyth

"those who deny freedom from others deserve it not for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln 

I am dropping my best mixtape on cd baby in 3 weeks SOUNDS LIKE AN ALBUM!!.its my best and i have taken my time to make ev song a good listen.EVERY SONG!!u can listen 2 my new releases here on my site and soon u can buy them on cd baby,itunes,spotify rapsody ect.OKAY haters this album is SWOLk so i know yalls h8ter levels r going to rise and boil so just get ready to see me shine weather it makes u glad or sad.ROAR



THIS ALBUM IS A SWOLk FILLED ALBUM WITH HARDCORE BEATS,MEANINGFUL LYRICS,I AM A LYRICAL GENIUS!!.AN UPCOMING STAR!my vocals and talent are amazing!!THESE ARE MY STORIES!I GAVE A COPY 2 A WOMAN RECENTLY AND SHE TOLD ME SHE LISTENED TO THE WHOLE THING!THEN THE OTHER NIGHT I WAS AT GOLDEN CORRAL SELLING CD'S AND THE MANAGER SAID "YUP THAT'S A GOOD ONE I LISTENED TO THAT LAST NIGHT"!!MY NAME IS Apac AND I AM THE FUTURE OF HIPHOP!!if you're bored or at work or something... click on a track! this is a place 4 hiphop artists to feel @ yourself... songs videos blogs live performances.share this group!with a name like this producers and record labels may come snooping!u never know.If your bored or at work or something click on a post! also if u like this song visit happy holidays!! - Apac


Armageddon: Beneath My Skin




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Apac: Welcome 2 the Real World